Traveling with your pet can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of preparation and knowledge, you can make it a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your furry friend.

Check the requirements for pet travel

The first thing you need to do is check the requirements for pet travel to your destination country. Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding pet travel, and it is important to comply with them to avoid any issues at the airport or upon arrival. You can usually find this information on the official website of the destination country’s embassy or consulate.

Choose the right airline

Not all airlines allow pets on board, and those that do have different policies and fees. It is important to research and choose the right airline that suits your needs and budget. Turkish Airlines, which operates out of Istanbul Airport, allows pets on board, but the rules and fees vary depending on the destination and size of the pet.

Choosing the right carrier for your pet is crucial for their comfort and safety during the flight. The carrier should be the right size for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, and should also have proper ventilation and be secure. You can usually bring your own carrier, but it is important to check with the airline for their specific requirements.

Book in advance

Once you have chosen the airline, it is important to book your flight and pet reservation in advance. Most airlines have a limit on the number of pets they allow on board, so booking early will ensure that you secure a spot for your pet.

Get your pet's documentation in order

Before traveling, you need to make sure your pet’s documentation is in order. This includes a health certificate from your veterinarian, proof of vaccinations, and any other required permits or certificates. You may also need to obtain a pet passport if traveling to certain countries.

Prepare your pet for travel

Traveling can be stressful for pets, so it is important to prepare them for the journey. This includes getting them used to their carrier, taking them on short car rides to get them used to motion, and ensuring they are well-fed and hydrated before the flight. You may also want to consider talking to your veterinarian about any medications or calming aids that can help your pet during the journey.

Arrive at the airport early

Arriving at the airport early will give you enough time to check in your pet and complete any necessary paperwork. You will also have enough time to take your pet for a final potty break before the flight.

Check in your pet at Istanbul Airport

When checking in your pet, you will need to provide all the necessary documentation and pay any required fees. The airline will also inspect the carrier to ensure it meets their requirements. Once your pet is checked in, they will be taken to a separate area for loading onto the plane.

During the flight

During the flight, your pet will be stored in the cargo hold in a temperature-controlled and pressurized compartment. It is important to note that this can be stressful for pets, so it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about any precautions you can take to make the experience more comfortable for your furry friend

Upon arrival at you final destination

Once you arrive at your destination, you will need to go through customs and collect your luggage and your pet. Your pet will usually be brought to a separate area for inspection, and you will need to provide all the necessary documentation. It is important to note that some countries may require pets to be quarantined for a certain period of time upon arrival.

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