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With the end of the move from Ataturk Airport, Istanbul Airport started to operate at full capacity. Here are the tips for transportation to Istanbul Airport, terminals, VIP services, shopping, lounges and more.   

The airport which is located under a single roof, consists of a single building and 3 floors.

1-The top floor is for the Domestic and International departure terminals
2-The middle floor is for the Domestic and International arrival terminals (Taxis are on this floor)
3-The first floor (HAVAIST busses, transfer cars and shuttles are on this floor)

We prepared some tips for you about how to get to Istanbul Airport easily, which roads can be used, where to eat, where to shop and how many hours ago you should be at the terminal.

Istanbul Airport ( IGA) is the gateway to Turkey and the surrounding regions for millions of passengers every year. Located in the European side of Istanbul, the airport has grown to become one of the busiest airports in Europe as it serves over 60 million passengers annually. It was recently awarded the 2019 World Airport Award for the best airport in Europe, and it continues to expand and improve its facilities, airlines, size, and more.

We will take a look at all that Istanbul Airport has to offer, exploring its location, size, facilities, airlines and much more. The airport offers various modes of transportation, including private transfers, subway, public buses, shuttles, and taxi services. The Havaist Bus Service runs regular buses from the airport to many parts of Istanbul and its suburbs, while shuttle services offer direct transfers to major destinations within the city. If you need a more personalized service, taxis are available around the clock outside each terminal.

Shops and restaurants are plentiful at Istanbul Airport. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs or pick up some last-minute items before your flight departs in Duty-Free shops located in both terminals. There’s also an array of restaurants serving up delicious local Turkish dishes or international cuisine that will satisfy any craving – whether it’s steak or sushi!

Consider the distance of the airport to the city
According to different points of Istanbul, the average distance of the airport varies between 34-45 km. Those who come from Asian side (or Sabiha Gokcen Airport) can use the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Highway to reach the airport. As an alternative, you can cross the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Kemerburgaz-Gokturk connection. Likewise, those who will come from Sultanahmet, Taksim and Besiktas can also use this route.

Be at the airport 2-4 hours before the international flights
To whom, who is planning to go to the Istanbul Airport by taxi or a transfer vehicle, we recommend to use mobile applications. Due to the large structure of the terminal, it’ll be of benefit to those who are traveling abroad, especially USA or UK which has some additional security, to go to the terminal at least 4 hours before.

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Check-in beforehand
The terminal is a huge structure under one roof. On the departure floor, the first two doors are used for domestic lines and the other four doors are used for international lines. It would be beneficial to check in before going to the airport.
There are self check-in kisoks inside the terminal. If you are not carrying suitcases, the kiosks will save you lots of time.

Save more time with Buggy’s
Buggy service in Istanbul Airport buys you so much time! The Buggy shuttle service (vehicles have a capacity of 3-5 people), which will operate on the floor for domestic and international passengers, is a service that can be used by all passengers until the boarding gate. To benefit from the Buggy shuttle service between the Buggy stops and flight gates, you can visit the Buggy stops on the map of Istanbul Airport mobile app. Moreover, you can easily purchase the service through the website or app, and you can take the service by simply scanning your QR code at the stop.

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An extraordinary experience of immigration: i-GATE
In the first stage you scan your passport and a glass door opens. Then, your fingerprint and face are scanned for the second stage. After the passport pairing is completed, the second door opens and you pass through the customs.

Take your time to shop at Istanbul Airport
A unique shopping experience blended with exclusive brands and modern store concepts is waiting for the passengers at Istanbul Airport. In addition to Unifree Duty Free, stores with exclusive brands that are spread over an area of 18.000 m2 out of 55.000 m2 in total, 34.000 m2 of classic Duty Free stores and approximately 3.000 m2 of bazaar area devoted to local products

Are you hungry, yet?
At Istanbul Airport, there’re many cafes and restaurants serving different tastes from Turkish and Global cuisine.

Free WI-FI
Free Wi-Fi is available wherever you go in Istanbul Airport. After you touch the Wi-Fi icon on the Istanbul Airport application, you can log in and connect to Wi-Fi.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport is a hotel located in the International Terminal of Istanbul Airport in Turkey. It offers a variety of room types, including standard cabins, premium cabins, and suites. All rooms are designed to be compact and efficient, with features such as adjustable mood lighting, smart TVs, and fast Wi-Fi. YOTEL Istanbul Airport also offers guests a variety of amenities such as a 24-hour gym, a rooftop terrace with views of the airport, and a grab-and-go food and beverage outlet.
The hotel is perfect for travelers looking for a convenient and comfortable place to rest before or after a flight. With its location inside the airport, guests can easily access the hotel from their arriving or departing flight and enjoy a comfortable stay before continuing their journey.

The hotel offers a variety of room types to suit different travelers’ needs, including standard cabins with a single or double bed, premium cabins with more space and amenities, and suites with additional living space and a separate seating area. All cabins feature en-suite bathrooms, adjustable mood lighting, smart TVs, and fast Wi-Fi.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport also offers a 24-hour gym for guests to stay active during their stay, as well as a rooftop terrace with views of the airport. The hotel also has a grab-and-go food and beverage outlet, which serves a variety of snacks and drinks.

YOTELAIR Istanbul is open to any traveler, regardless of their airline or travel itinerary. The hotel is located inside the transit zone International Terminal of Istanbul Airport, making it a convenient option for travelers who are waiting their next flight.

Personalized airport experience
Feel special at the most prestigious airport in Europe! To further enhance your experience, benefit from our special services. We look forward to present our special services to you like Check-In priority, Fast-Track Passport Control, limousine Buggy service that’ll make you move faster in the terminal, the largest and most enjoyable lounge in the world, personal assistance service, greeting at the jet bridge and in front of the terminal.

Istanbul Airport Luggage Locker
Istanbul Airport Luggage Locker is a secure storage facility for travelers to temporarily store their luggage while they are away from Istanbul Airport. These lockers are located before and after security at the airport and can be rented on a daily or hourly basis. They are often used by travelers who have a layover and want to explore Istanbul city without having to lug their luggage around with them.

Feel like an Ambassador at Istanbul Airport
The Ambassador Spa at Istanbul Airport is a luxury spa and wellness center located within the airside at the airport. It offers a range of spa services and treatments, including massages, facials, and body treatments, as well as a sauna and a steam room. If you want to relax between two flights, it’s for you.

Some of the services offered at the Ambassador Spa include:

Massages: A variety of massage options are available, including Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone.

Facials: The spa offers a range of facials, including anti-aging, brightening, and deep-cleaning.

Body treatments: A range of body treatments are available, such as exfoliating scrubs and wraps.

Sauna and Steam Room: There are separate sauna and steam room facilities available for men and women.

Haircuts and styling: The spa also offers hair cutting and styling service with experienced hairdressers.

Additionally, the spa also has a relaxation area where you can unwind before or after your treatment.

The Ambassador Spa is located after passport control zone between Istanbul Airport Museum and the premium lounge.

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