The M11 subway line is a rapid transit line of the Istanbul Metro network that connects the Kağıthane district on the European side of Istanbul to the Istanbul Airport, which is located on the European side of the city near the Black Sea coast. The M11 line began operation on April 6, 2021, and it is one of the newest subway lines in the city.

Route and Stops

The M11 subway line runs for a total of 37.5 kilometers, and it has a total of nine stops between Kağıthane and Istanbul Airport. The line starts at the Kağıthane station in the Kağıthane district of Istanbul and ends at the Istanbul Airport station, which is located near the airport’s main terminal. Here are the nine stops on the M11 line, in order from Kağıthane to Istanbul Airport:

Drive Time and Durations

The M11 subway line is designed to provide fast and efficient transportation between Kağıthane and Istanbul Airport. The drive time for the entire line is approximately 35 minutes, making it one of the fastest ways to travel between the city center and the airport. The M11 line runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with trains departing every 8-10 minutes during peak hours and every 10-15 minutes during off-peak hours.

Prices and Fares

The M11 subway line is part of the Istanbul Metro network, which is operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The fare for the M11 line is the same as the fare for the rest of the metro system, and it is based on a distance-based pricing system. The minimum fare for the metro is currently 3.50 Turkish Lira, which is approximately 0.40 USD or 0.35 EUR. The maximum fare is 7.75 Turkish Lira, which is approximately 0.90 USD or 0.75 EUR.

Passengers can use Istanbulkart, a reloadable electronic card, to pay for their metro fares. Istanbulkart can be purchased at metro stations and from authorized resellers throughout the city. Istanbulkart can also be used to pay for fares on other forms of public transportation in Istanbul, including buses, trams, and ferries.


The M11 subway line is designed to be fully accessible to passengers with disabilities. All stations on the line are equipped with elevators, escalators, and other accessibility features, such as tactile paving and audible announcements. In addition, all trains on the M11 line have designated wheelchair spaces and priority seating for passengers with disabilities.

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